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Your skin. Your confidence. CosMEDICare MD provides a transforming experience giving you the results you want and the confidence that goes with it. CosMEDICare MD is the number one choice for non surgical cosmetic, laser and skin care services in Toronto & the GTA. And here's what our clients have to say, check out our CosMEDICare MD Testimonials.

Testimonial - Hanna M. January 05, 2016

"My experience at CosMEDICareMD was AMAZING! I had such a horrible experience with a different clinic months ago and deciding to try CosMEDICareMD was the smartest and best decision I could have made! The girls here were amazing and so unbelievably nice. They were completely booked up for another month and a half, probably because they're so great, but they were able to squeeze me in last minute because I drove over 2 hours to get to them. They treated me with so much respect and listened to exactly what I wanted done and how I wanted my lips to look. (I got 1 syringe of restaline dermal filler) and they look simply amazing. I got the big voluptuous lips I've always wanted all while still looking natural as well. The best part of my experience I think is how well the nurse listened to my concerns and talked with me about everything I need to know and more. She was so friendly and nice and is truly amazing at what she does, all with a smile! And like I said, she's a registered nurse. This isn't just another posh clinic with horribly rude females. This place is an actual clinic located in a hospital type building. Truly an incredible experience. Virtually no pain at all! Fantastic results! Exceptional customer service and appreciation. I will definitely be returning! Thank you for such an incredible experience CosMEDICareMD!”

Testimonial - Alana D January 2017

My family and friends and I have been coming to CosMEDICare MD for years. We love it! The staff is always so knowledgeable and they have all of our skin looking flawless. I have been to many other clinics in the past but ever since coming to CosMEDICare MD I would never go elsewhere. Thanks CosMEDICare MD for keeping myself and my circle beautiful! From head to toe, skin treatments to hair removal CosMEDICare MD will take care of you.

Testimonial - Catherine M. May 04, 2016

"Although we had to reschedule the appointment due to some schedule changes the staff were courteous and friendly. I enjoyed my appointment with Maria, who made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions regarding the IPL. I am looking forward to the remaining three treatments and beyond..."

Testimonial - Alan Baker, Visage Cosmetics Limited. April 7, 2010

"My girlfriend and I are currently clients of CosMEDICareMD and have been for some time. I wanted to take this opportunity of complimenting your staff that we have had contact with.Maria has done an excellent job in explaining the various treatments as well as the packages and promotions that the spa offers. She has always been very accommodating in trying to facilitate our desired appointment times. Our experience with Maria has been wonderful. We both find her very professional in the way she performs the treatments and in her knowledge of the equipment and benefits of the treatments. As an owner of retail salons, I always appreciate feedback from our customers, so I thought that you might like to know our feelings about your staff. With so may other spas that offer similar treatments that are more conveniently located for us, we still prefer coming to CosMEDICareMD simply because of the staff. It is a pleasure dealing with them."

Testimonial - Zoe Jolie. January 13, 2016

"I have been going to CosMEDICareMD for a few years, I have done micros, cellulite treatments and laser hair removal. I have been to other places and nothing compared to the service that is provided here. All the staff are amazing and make you feel very comfortable no matter what treatment you are getting done. Highly recommended!"

Testimonial - Cori F January 2017

"CosMEDICare MD is the first place that has ever succeeded in helping me achieve clear skin. I have tried dozens of other places and CosMEDICare MD is the only place I would recommend! The overall atmosphere is friendly and welcoming with amazing customer service, and you can definitely expect results!'

Testimonial - Grace Y. March 06, 2016

"Great experience! Maria was always warm, friendly, and welcoming. She is very knowledgeable but never pushy with her recommendations. I saw a noticeable improvement in my skin and would recommend CosMEDICareMD."

Testimonial - Erin J July 2017

"Went in for 2 IPL and ended up signing for 4 more. The receptionist and Laser Technician were all friendly and I learned more about how to take care of my skin after each visit. My skin (sensitive, dry, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation) was in a bad shape going in but after each treatment, I am pleased with the results. Especially my pores shrinking is a huge plus. Small hairs on my upper lips have started to disappear as well. The IPL treatment itself was not too painful and does not irritate my skin nor cause breakouts and after each treatment, Maria does this cooling/massage technique so my face does not come out looking like a ripe tomato. Will most definetely book more sessions throughout the year!"

Testimonial - Esther A December 2016

"The service at this clinic is exceptional starting from the moment you enter. Polite, kind helpful and as for the actual treatment (photo facial) the best that I have ever had. Noticeable results right after the first treatment with capillaries and skin tone only to improve with time. The Clinical Director/ Laser Technician is so knowledgeable, professional and so kind. I appreciate the honesty with realistic results and expectations. She performs the treatments beautifully. She is able to get results. My dermatologist recommends her to his patients and me. Client interest only. A must try! Love it."

Testimonial - Anonymous. January 05, 2016

"Best non-surgical clinic in Toronto! CosMEDICareMD is truly committed to great service and optimal results!"

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